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Group Exercise

At The Decatur Athletic Club, we offer a variety of group exercise classes. From yoga to spin to full body, there is something for everyone. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your workout. Come join us and get fit

Fitness Class Offerings

When you join a gym, an ideal way to get started is joining a fitness class to begin developing a weekly structure

and meeting active DAC members and a caring instructor.

Participants must pre-register for classes.


These classes are free to members, visitors, and guests.

Register no more than seven days ahead of time using the DAC App or by calling 217-423-7020.

Ballet Barre

Enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance with this highly effective and challenging

ultimate core workout that provides results! No prior dance required.

50 minutes

Barre & Beyond

Full body workout. Cardio, barre, light weights, bands, stability ball sticks and MORE!

Quick moving class that works every major muscle group. Join the fun and move to the


50 minutes

Buti Yoga

Combines plyometrics (jumping movements), intentional shaking, tribal dancing and

power yoga for an explosive, cardio-intense movement. It feels like a dance class, with a

couple of traditional yoga moves cucked in along the way.

60 minutes

Booty & Core

An intense, quick workout tailored to target the major muscles of the core, hips, glutes,

and more. These exercises help increase muscle tone and strength, but they also help

improve posture and balance which is vital for overall health.

15 minutes

Chair Yoga

Yoga done while seated or using a chair for balance. Improves strength, flexibility,

balance, coordination, and more! Promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves sleep,

and enhances mental clarity.

50 minutes

Cardio/Toning Fusion

Fusing low impact/low intensity cardio movements along with the use of light dumbbells.

45 minutes

Cardio Jam!

Enjoy this dance inspired cardio and toning workout that uses the latest dance moves and easy to follow routines. It might just be your new favorite workout!

50 minutes


F.I.T.T. stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise. This class will include

elements that improve upon cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular

endurance, and flexibility.

30 minutes

Gravity Yoga

If you suffer from tight hamstrings, locked up hips, and a painful lower back this class is for you. It is specifically designed to help your body open up, expand your range of motion, and become more flexible every day. Bounce back from your workouts & prevent injuries with these hip-opening, shoulder-opening and flexibility-training passive stretches. This class is a must for everyone!

45 minutes


This class targets your major muscle groups with ever-changing exercises and sequencing

combined with cardio intervals. No choreography here. Options for all fitness levels.

30 or 45 minutes


Mobility training exercises are about much more than just being flexible. If you're looking to help improve and promote good posture, prevent knots and injuries, relieve tension associated with sedentary lifestyles or over-exercising, increase range of movement, improve functional fitness performance and to reduce joint deterioration, this class is a must. Don't miss this class every Tuesday & Thursday morning. Sign up on the DAC App to reserve your spot.

45 minutes


Spinning sessions are designed to be a great cardiovascular workout for everyone,

whether you are a beginner to the fitness program or an experienced cyclist. Set to music,

the sessions are led by our certified SPIN instructors.

50 minutes

Total Body Blast

This is a whole body, high intensity interval workout that incorporates a variety of types

of exercise & each workout is different. Each workout includes cardio intervals, weight training, core work, and body weight training. A variety of exercises are used to keep it

fun & challenging while preventing your body from adapting to a certain routine. This is the best way to burn fat & calories while building, shaping, & maintaining muscle. The class is designed so that no matter your fitness level you can get a good workout & work

towards improving your overall fitness.

50 minutes

Hot Fusion Yoga

Designed for all levels. A vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga techniques

characterized by flowing poses focusing on strength, agility, balance, and flexibility in a

heated room.

60 minutes


Circuit based class that offers strength, core and endurance movements. Dumbbells, TRX,

rowers, bodyweight and ab rollers are a few things used in this class. Timed rounds offer

each participant the chance to work and move to their best.

45 minutes

Pilates Meets Yoga

Wall Yoga concentrates on large, functional movements to increase our overall strength

and flexibility in the spine and limbs. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on building deep

core strength - a powerhouse - and correct muscle activation, which is amazing for

alleviating back pain, injury prevention, and creating a long, lean body type. Both have transformational health benefits and have been proven to reduce stress anxiety,

rehabilitate specific injuries and improve awareness of our bodies and emotions through

breath and movement.

60 minutes

Senior Water

Water class for seniors and those suffering from arthritis or other injuries.

50 minutes

Spin Fusion

Low intensity cycling with upper body strength/toning using DB's & resistance bands.

Intervals, Tabata timing and repetition/sets and mat core work located in the glow studio.

45 minutes

Splash Cardio

A high intensity, shallow water workout that will get your heart pumping as you tone, burn calories, and have fun. 50 minutes

Weekend Warrior

This class targets your major muscle groups with ever-changing exercises and sequencing

combined with cardio intervals. No choreography here. Options for all fitness levels!

45 minutes

Yoga Plus

A form of yoga that uses props to achieve physical, mental, & emotional relaxation. Poses are both stimulating yet relaxing.

50 minutes

Yoga Sculpt

This class is a blend of vinyasa yoga flow, light cardio pushes, and strength work. Light weights are incorporated into a creative sequence to intensify each yoga pose. 

60 minutes

Small Group Training Offerings

Small group training is a step above traditional fitness classes, utilizing a variety of unique exercises.

Participants must pre-register for classes.

Participants can register up to seven days in advance for a small group training class.

See payment options below.

TRX Total Body

With the use of TRX suspension bands, weights, gliders, wall balls, battle ropes and

rowers you are guaranteed a total body workout with CPT Wendy Kernan. Each class

offers a variety with timing and formatting constantly changing each week giving you the

TOTAL BODY experience!

45 minutes

TRX Circuit

Total resistance exercises using your body weight and gravity to build strength, balance,

and core engagement. The class uses dumbbells, barbells, TRX, and stability Bosu.

Exercises are timed, so there is no need to count reps.

45 minutes

Strength Training

This class uses the machines in the DAC fitness center. Exercises are performed for time

to allow participants to work at their pace. Low impact, no cardio included. This is a great

way to learn how to use the equipment effectively.

45 minutes

Mat Pilates

The focus of improving coordination, strength, balance, and posture through a series of

full-body exercises. Concentrating on the “Powerhouse” through the strengthening

muscles of the lumbar & spinal exercises completed on a mat, using your body weight as


45 minutes

Members can register for classes online, by calling, or emailing DAC at

Non-members can register for classes by either calling DAC at 217-423-7020 or emailing


Non-members participating in small group training only on a given day do not need to purchase

a visitor or guest for the day they are attending a small group training session.

Payment Options for Small Group Training

Pay Per Session

Participants can pay for each session as they go.

Members: $10 per session

Non-members: $20 per session

Pay Per Month

Participants can purchase a monthly pass that will automatically renew until the individual informs DAC they no longer wish to continue. The monthly pass allows them to participate in all small group training sessions offered during the respective month.

Members: $40 per month

Non-members: $80 per month

Pay Per Year

Participants can purchase a yearly pass that allows them to participate in all small group training sessions offered during the 12-month period.

Members: $400 per year

Non-members: $800 per year

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